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Previously, surface water monitoring was managed by lobF

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In the 1980s, villagers began to move into brick or concrete houses with modern facilities, leaving many old ones abandoned.iT

More than 120 traditional houses still stand in Jiulong-two of them built 400 years ago, and another seven dating back 200 to 300 years.ZQ

Hu Xiaowen, a volunteer and interior designer, said she appreciated the way the traditional houses were built. The external walls make the houses cool in summer and warm in winter, plus the houses are strong, durable and eco-friendly, as they were made using local raw materials.l

Currently, water quality monitoring is carried out at 2Ze

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Collect from 澳门银座

By Cheng Si | China Daily | Updated: 2018-08-30 09:1

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"There are some Chinese architects who are incorporating rammed-earth walls in modern construction, for the purpose of sustainability," Hu said.0p


Liu Chunlan, a volunteer who led the team in Jiulong, said the work also carries significance for local residents.z

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"Villagers used to think their hometown was a place left behind by modern development, but our arrival and labor can provide them with an outside perspectivxO

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The villagers were curious about their repair work, and some even joined in, with many children eager to learn the techniques.FE

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Wu Chunsheng, a local official, said the county government has been encouraging the villagers to repair their deserted houses to protect the local culture.x

The China ToxZ

The county is also preparing to build a base for artists in the village to attract painters, photographers and sculptors to create works inspired by the idyv

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After the work in Jiulong was completed, Lagneau and another French volunteer, Audrey Garrouste, headed to Shanxi province for another work camp, repairing y

Founding the5w

Lagneau said she was looking forward to learning more about traditional Chinese


East China province reports outbreak of African swine fevergZ

People with poor social credit records - includin

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Xinhua | Updated: 20LA

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An outbreak of AfricanK1

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The Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism DevelopmezV

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